Branding & Marketing Communications Partner for Top Real Estate Brands in Nigeria

From brand conceptualisation to developing strategy, branding, advertising, lead generation, sales management, and estate and facility operations, Ura Baker is a partnership that works for successful brands.

What we can do for you

  1. Qualified Lead Management
  2. Brand Positioning & Value Proposition
  3. Segment Analysis
  4. Brand Architecture
  5. Transition & Launch Strategies
  6. Brand Research & Measurement
  1. Corporate Identity
  2. Brand Implementation
  3. Collateral Systems
  4. Marketing Suites Design
  5. Website & UI Design
  6. Brand Packaging
  1. Brand Advertising
  2. Digital Campaigns
  3. Brand Launches
  4. Videos & Animation
  5. Trade Shows & Events
  6. Sales Associates
  1. Engineering & Construction
  2. Infrastructure Development
  3. Project Management
  4. Real Estates Development
  5. Turnkey Contracting
  1. Naming Strategy & Architecture
  2. Development Naming
  3. Brand Personality
  4. URL Plan & Procurement
  5. Brand Messaging
  6. Copywriting
  1. Web Strategy
  2. Brand Asset Management
  3. Website Architecture & Design
  4. Micro-sites & App Development
  5. Product UI Coding & Development
  1. Residential Development
  2. Commercial And Mixed Use Development
  3. Land Sourcing And Development
  4. Marketing & Sale
  5. Renovation, Remodeling & Redesign
  6. Property Development And Acquisition Funding
  7. Property Consultancy
  1. Brand Culture Strategy
  2. Internal Marketing
  3. Recruitment Campaigns
  4. High Impact Events
  5. Field Teams

The Data to Support Us

Urabaker has had the privilege of collaborating with more than 50 customers on over 1,000 projects, assisting in the expansion of their real estate enterprise.









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Our Audience / Industries

URA Baker & Company is a brand consultancy company that helps real estate companies, investors, and leading developers in amassing wealth through real estate ven- tures. To create, manage, and grow leading brands that drive business results, our executive team of innovative strategists combines logic with branded creativity.

It is astounding to observe the outcomes produced by these phenomenal and grace-filled individuals after many years of combining their creative thoughts together. When they pool their resources to work, branding takes on a new meaning, creativity soars to its highest point, and customised outcomes are achieved.