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The Power of CRM in Real Estate

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It is all about your Customers and the Relationships you build with them

Essential Features of a Real Estate CRM

Tailored Solutions for Real Estate Professionals

Manage the entire Customer, Sales, & Billing and Project Life cycle

Manage Customers, Projects, and Create Invoices in the Cloud

Our Customer Relationship Management software is a great fit for almost any small or medium Business, Consultancy, or industry

Features you will love

  • Lead Management
  • Proposal Management
  • Invoice Management
  • Expenses Management
  • Customer Management
  • Estimates & Quotes

Customer portal your clients will love.

Give customers their own portal with data relating to their transaction.
Easily sell more, look professional, and dominate youur industry

Features your clients will love

  • Announcements
  • files Management
  • Online Payments
  • Automated Notifications
  • Customer Support

Modules & Features


Easily import, organise and track leads, & their progress in different stages.


Easily manage your customers enagemen and lifecycle.

Customer Portal

Give customers their own portal with data relating to their transaction.


Manage all your staff members and access permissions from one place.


Give specific permissions to determine what staff can or can't do.

Estimate & Quotes

Create estimates & quotes for customers and send directly to their email.


Generate and track invoices, with multi currency and tax calculations.

Recurring Invoices

Create recurring invoices that will be regenerated automatically.


Get notifications when quotes or invoices are accepted

Automatic Conversations

Auto conversation of quotes & proposals to invoices after customer accept.

Online Payments

Receive payments from custom payment gateway in different currencies.


Keep track of every expense within your organisation.

Recurring Expense

Set up a recurring expense that will auto-created after scheduled date.


Assign task to multiple employees, add followers, comments, & attachments.


Create, track & manage proposals with activity notification.


View contracts with customers & add reminders for monitoring.


Keep tabs of private or public events & receive notification for the events.

Staff Reminders

Setup with built-in reminders notifications for staff member.


Manage the entire lifecycle of projects including time spent, expense, staff.

Personal to-do list

Every staff member can have their own personal todo dashboard.

Customer admin

Allow staffs to auto import & resolve tickets via departmental email.


Create milestones for projects & also, drag and drop tasks in between.

Goals Tracking

Track "Sales Team" goals, progress & achievements with regards to projects.

Activity Log

Track all staff activity, adding new items, creating, deleting.


Usable features like notes, assignments, priorities, attachments, e.t.c

Support System

Allows staff to track and resolve issues via by auto response systems.

Knowledge Base

Documents or articles with K.B links can be added to the company bank.

Web to Lead Form

Allows you to import information leads fill in the form with Perfect CRM.


Create surveys for staff, leads, & clients to increase relations.

Company NewsFeed

Share information about company events for easy employee's communications

Custom Fieds

Extra information about the customers, leads, tickets, invoices, company, e.t.c

Email Templates

Set Up predefined email templates from text editor. Merge fields available.

Media Library

Staff members can upload files in their departmental media library.

Custom Profile

Customize your portal with your company branding features and need.


The platform can be easily accessed from multiple devices.

Action Hooks

Prevents editing of core files that have action hooks functionalities.


Gives detailed report of sales, expenses & articles usefulness to clients.

Auto back-up Database

Setting CRM on auto backup prevents lose your important data.

Data Encryption

Perfect CRM encrypts all sensitive data with unique encryption key.


Ticket Support

Allows customers to channel complaints of issues appropriately.


Review payment invoices progress received for projects.


Customers can view and make actions on the estimate.


Customers can keep up with received contract documents.


Permit projects history review & adjustment to descriptions.


Proposals received are to be lodged & viewed for reference.


View payment history and invoice progress at a glance.


Stores all files & interactions that have been sent & received.

Company Details

Information about client's company, agent & billing add.


Clear view of upcoming invoice payments, expiration, & reminders


Progress update & announcement of promotions.

Customer Admin

An authorized member of staff that handles their clients.